We work in partnership with you to technology bring your vision to life

There are many ways to have the technical aspects of your business done. We prefer to have your input.

Tech up Your World

Outstanding Services ServicesServices

We offer core aspects of Mobile and Web development process. The very beginning of making it big starts small.

Web Development

We all have seen a website and wanted to have our own. Well now with the help of BlanQ Pro you can have one done to your own specifications.

Simple To Use

We make websites that are user friendly and easy to understand for you and your clients. Its important to have what you want with the greatest of ease


We use SSL Certificate to secure the data that is on your website. We also have extra back-end security to keep your information safe. With constant updates to the security

Tech up Your World

Project Process ProcessProcedure

We work with a wide range of people Many of whom want the same service but all have unique ideas. This is how we ensure everyone gets what they want.

Project Discussion

The Idea is the best place to start. We arrange a meeting to discuss the project and its features you want

Project Plan

After we have a full understanding of what is required. We plan the draw a map of the work to be done.


Once all the planning and procedure have been agreed on the project look and feel is designed. The UI and UX


The UX design is how the App or Website will Function. The body is then coded and given the ability to do work.


As with any project the final product is tested to ensure it does what it should and changes, if need be are made before launch


Should the testing phase pass the project will then be live. Launched for all to view.